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Nicole (left) and Kat (right) are the happy founders of The Kitty Custodian.

It all started over a cup a coffee and a vent session. There was a serious pickle. A hired cleaner didn’t show up for a clean for a property that Kat was closing on in less than four days. It had been scheduled for weeks in advance. Then no communication. Well, sh*t.

A frustrated phone call was placed to Nicole and she was bribed to get together and clean that darn kitchen themselves.

Would you ever want to start a cleaning company?” Kat asked.
Hell, I would.” Nicole answered.
Eye contact was held, and a small nod was given.
And the rest is history.

With most cleaners, there’s poor communication, jobs don’t get finished, and scheduling is a nightmare. Screw that.

You’re hiring a cleaner, not waiting in line at the DMV. It shouldn’t be a headache; you have enough to worry about and cleaning shouldn't be one of them.

Our team at The Kitty Custodian values transparency, humor and we take our work seriously.

Thanks for checking us out and have a mice day ! Reach out and we'll get started!